Ten New Laws That Come Into Force in April 2016 - And How They Affect You

Posted on: 15 Apr 2016  |   Tags: Increased Council Tax , State pensions ,

Th?? m?nth ?f A?r?l ?? a m?nth where th??? wh? will ?x??r??n?? ?u??r ?h?ng?? as n?w l?w? ?nd ??l????? ?r? ??t f?r ?m?l?m?nt?t??n. Publ?? w?rk?r? ?v?n u?t? d?g ?wn?r? ?r? n?t exempt from th?? n?w ?h?ng?. Th? n?w l?w? ?r? these: 1. Increased Council Tax Du? t? th? ?n?r????d council tax r?t???f up t? 4%; settlers will h?v? t? ??? more t?x.   A t?????l ?x?m?l??? that people wh? l?v? in B?nd D ?r???rt? (m?ddl? ?r??? r?ng? for an ?r??) w?ll h?v? t? ??? ?n ?v?r?g? ?n?r????d tax ?f £58 beginning fr?m this m?nth. As w?ll those l?v?ng in l?rg?r h?m?? ?r? to pay more. The ?n?r???? wh??h is th? biggest ?n ??ght ???r?, is set t? b? u??d t? fund th? d?l?v?r? of ?????l care. Th? local g?v?rnm?nt councils h?v? ?x??r??n??d severe gr?nt ?ut? in the past ??x???r?. 2. Low-paid w?rk?r? over 25 n?w receive the National Living W?g? A National L?v?ng W?g? ?f £7.20 ??r hour w???ntr?du??d on 1 April. This w?g?g?v??w?rk?r? who ?r? the l???t of th? pay ???l??g?d 25 ?nd over a ??? r??? ?f 50p ??rh?ur. In r???t??nt? this, 60,000 j?b???uldb?l??t?? a result as ?m?l???r?tr?t? make ??v?ng? ?? reported by the Office for Budget R????n??b?l?t?. Th?? ??l??? has been gr??t?d with the criticism ?f n?t b??n f??r to the younger w?rk?r?. Th? ?r?t??? h?v? ???d that th? policy ?h?uld be ??nfu??d w?th th?r? ??mm?nd?t??n? of th? L?v?ng Wage F?und?t??n, which says that wages per hour ?h?uld b??t l???t £9.40 ?n London ?nd £8.25 ?l??wh?r?. 3. Y?u mu?t m??r??h?? ??ur d?g D?g owners ?r? now t? m??r??h?? th??r d?g? ?nd keep th??r d?t??l? up t? date ?n ?n?uth?r?z?d d?t? b??? ?u?h as P?tl?g. Th? policy w?ll b? ?m?l?m?nt?d fr?m 6 April ?nd w?ll affect th??? in Engl?nd, S??tl?nd ?nd W?l??. Th? ??l??? ?? a ?tr?t?g? t? f?nd l??t ?nd ?tr?? dogs ?????r. 4. N?n-EU workers wh? ??rn less than £35,000 f??? d???rt?t??n Changes in th? ?mm?gr?t??n rul? has it th?t f?r??gn?r? who w?rk in UK w?ll b?r??u?r?d to h?v? a m?n?mum ??l?r? ?f £35,000 per annum (unless ?n a shortage ???u??t??n or a PhD r?l?) b?f?r? th?? ??n h?v? a permanent v????n UK. An?b?d?, who does ??rn that ?t the ?x??r?t??n ?f the five ???r qualifying ??r??d can apply to ?xt?nd th??r visa f?r a furth?r 12 m?nth?. After that, ?f they d?n't ?t?ll meet th? t?rg?t, they w?ll h?v? t? l??v? the UK and b? eligible f?r?n?th?r???l???t??n after 12 m?nth?. Th? rul? took effect fr?m 6 A?r?l. 5. NHS prescription will b?h?gh?r in Engl?ndb? 20? to £8.40 ??r?t?m. Prescriptions ?r? fr?? in Scotland and W?l??. 6. Any bu??r ?f ?n ?dd?t??n?l property w?ll pay m?r? stamp dut? 7. Th? ??? ?f ?ubl?? ???t?r workers will b? ?n?r????d by ?n ?v?r?g? of 1% 8. S????l housing t?n?nt?' rents w?ll drop, but h?u??ngb?n?f?t???h?ng?ng 9. A n?w P?r??n?l Savings All?w?n?? that w?ll ?ll?w ????l? t? ??rnu? to £1,000 ?n?nt?r??t tax-free 10. State pensions w?ll b? ???d d?ff?r?ntl?: Under th??, r?t?r??? from 6 April 2016 w?ll r????v? a fl?t-r?t? ???m?nt ?f £155.65 a w??k ?n?t??d ?f th??r basic ?t?t? ??n???n w?th additional pension. Previously ?t w?? a m?n?mum ?f £120.

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