The United Kingdom Government introduced new changes for the Tier 2 visa. The Government proposed changes based on the advice of the Migration Advisory Committee. The first phase of changes will be effective from the autumn and the second period in the year 2017.

The major changes include:

1) The salary threshold for the experienced professionals under Tier 2 visa category increased to 25 000 British Pounds, will be active from this autumn.

2) The salary threshold of 30 000 pounds will be applicable for the same visa category from April 2017.

3) HealthCare Professionals, School Teachers, are exempted from the salary cap till July 2019.

4) The intra-company transfer of the employee under Tier 2 will have to enter if the salary threshold is 41 500.

The United Kingdom’s Tier 2 visa reforms have impacted the foreign nationals. Earlier the salary threshold was increased to 35 000 British pounds, now, it has been changed to 25 000. There is a relief to the new comers as the salary threshold to them is confined to 20, 800 British pounds.

The United Kingdom’s immigration initiatives have seriously discussed the migration inflow from non-European countries. The UK tier 2 visas are in great demand and skilled professionals normally wish to settle in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom has planned for an exit from the European Union. The referendum for the Brexit would be held to know the opinion of the people whether to stay in the European Union or not.

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