Visa-free Travel in Ukraine for European Union Countries

During a press conference held at president’s conference hall, Mr.Pavlo Klimkin, Foreign Minister of Ukraine, mentioned that the country will have visa-free travel to all countries of the European Union, which will not stop at any time in the future. It is a good piece of news for over 400,000 Ukrainians who want to visit countries of the European Union. The foreign minister said that only 61 Ukrainians weren’t allowed to visit Schengen countries because of some document problem or criminal records filed that were against them. The foreign minister said that it isn’t easy to let citizens travel visa-free in other countries as it is all about maintaining national security. He stated that there are some plans to work against the factors causing harm to national security and that they are setting up separate department who will look after the laws and regulation to be followed by everyone in the country. They are currently working on establishing an anti-corruption unit because ministers of other countries feel that it is necessary. It is what the European Union had asked before granting visa-free travel, so Ukraine is deemed to provide it to them. Visa-free travel will help Ukraine’s economy and youth As per Mr.Klimkin, visa-free travel will help students, entrepreneur and job seeking persons to find opportunities in Ukraine. This will also help to raise the economy of the nation, progressing Ukraine towards growth and development of the country. He assures that free visa will not be discontinued in any instance. He said we along with the departments associated with this task would make all the necessary efforts for making the process efficient and effective for all the Ukrainians. Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s President, said that this is a first significant step to a healthy relationship with the EU. He is glad the country is leaving behind its Soviet past and accepting European norms.

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