UK Government Increases Tier 2 Visa Cap again

In 2011, when Theresa May, was the Home Secretary, she set a limit of accepting only 20,700 skilled immigrants every year. Apart from that, the UK government could only issue a fixed number of tier 2 visa every month. Between 2011 and 2017, the UK government hit the cap only once, which was in December 2017. However, after that, the government has hit the cap every single time, which is January and February 2018, letting it happen three times in a row. Immigration experts feel that it will turn into a long-standing problem, which unfortunately cannot be solved. 30 percent of the tier 2 visas go to the National Health Service for employing medical and related staff. The remaining tier 2 visas issued to engineers and associated fields. Because of the monthly cap, the UK government will turn away a lot of deserving software engineers, doctors, and hospital staff, which are very much required in the country. According to the requirements set in 2011 by May, skilled immigrants need a salary of at least £30,000 to be eligible for the work permit. Fresh graduates, those who have studied in the UK, need to earn at least £20,800 to be eligible for the tier 2 visa. But in December 2017, the Home Office announced that it wouldn’t accept application who earns less than £55,000. However, it reduced the salary requirement to £46,000 a year. If you are a Ph.D. graduate or your job belongs to the shortage occupation list, you will get the tier 2 visa, even if you don’t meet the requirement.

Ignoring Scotland

The UK government is only thinking about England and how it is getting populated but isn’t concerned about Scotland, who is suffering from a skilled immigration shortage. Scotland has a declining population and needs immigrants to work and add to the economy and also procreate to maintain population levels.

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