Great Move by London School to Support Poor Immigrant Families

Immigrants usually have it tough in any country, especially if their immigration status is left hanging. England is no different, but this London school, Surrey Square Primary, is doing its best to help. Quite a few students at the school were found to be facing poverty and helplessness because of their undefined immigration status, due to which their parents cannot work or seek help. The school has seen students who don’t have a place to live; children who have to sleep in a bus, or a church, with no bedding, no proper clothes and no food. The cycle of good started when authorities notice a student acting off, and called his mother to talk about it. She didn’t want to confide in them first, but when she did, the authorities offered something she never expected. Now, the school provides breakfast to not only its students but to their families if they can’t afford to feed themselves. They write long letters of support for the immigration cases, and in some extreme situations, even they give clothes, mattresses and cooking equipment to the families to help them survive. One would usually expect homeless children to receive formal help, but the situation is different for immigrants, who, unfortunately, have no access to public funds. They are not even allowed to contribute to the economy, and that’s what the school finds saddest. The Southwark council does have a team dedicated to providing a bit of support to the destitute families, where it would violate their human rights if they aren’t supported, but the need is much more than the availability. What the school is doing to help is a testament to humanity and kindness, because it is doing all it can with absolutely no incentive. The kindness the authorities show to the immigrants and poor families does not count toward the school’s rating at all. In fact, some of the families who were previously on the verge of destitution are doing much better currently, and they are all in debt to the Surrey Square Primary School.

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