Germany Plans to Implement Canadian Immigration Policy

Germany Plans to Implement Canadian Immigration Policy

To keep the economy going strong, Germany needs immigrants but also regulate the kind of people who enter the country. Germany has always had lenient rules regarding immigration because of Hitler, and many fled to neighboring countries, who took them in. So to return the favor, Germany has laid back immigration rules, but it is time the government amends its immigration laws. Joachim Stamp, deputy state premier, North Rhine-Westphalia, feels anxious about the lenient rules and said the federal government should organize a summit immediately to discuss the issue. He said that immigration laws pop up during every speech. People will feel that the government is making a fool out of them if no action is taken anytime soon.

Stamp said that war refugees, asylum seekers, and highly-qualified specialist immigrants, everything is thrown into one pot. The country needs an ordered system that fulfills their humanitarian duty and benefits the German economy, which is very much dependent on immigration.

Daniel Thym, law professor, University of Konstanz, said that this is the first time anyone has asked these questions in public. Everyone across the country feels that something isn’t right. Thym said that the government could not simply say that they are going to make things better. German people are interested in immigration and want to know its fate in terms of refugee seekers and Muslim immigrants.

Liberal immigration rules

Germany has liberal immigration rules, especially for international students who have German college and university degrees. Wido Geis, senior economist, German Economic Institute, said that Germany’s biggest issue is lack of qualified technicians and it is only getting worse. The country doesn’t have the much unused domestic workforce, and therefore, Germany needs to bring in qualified immigrants. To make the rules more flexible, Germany should evaluate foreign talent and compare them with German ones to get a better of what kind of immigrants they want.

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