French President Stronger Words with UK Prime Minister

France is led by a young and dynamic force, Emmanuel Macron, who takes complete responsibility for his government. During the presidential elections, Macron had warned the UK Prime Minister, that France will no longer act as a coastal guard for the United Kingdom. He said that he wants to renegotiate the whole agreement. According to sources, France and the UK had signed a treaty in 2003 calling off their agreement. However, there seems to be another treaty signed after that, which is a topic of controversy in France. It puts the European Union nations responsible for all the illegal immigration occurring in the UK. Macron wants May to take in more immigrants if they're going to continue their trade deal post-Brexit. Also, he wants the prime minister to legalize the status of illegal immigrants by giving family ties as the reason. He wants the UK government to be more proactive and responsible. He wants the UK to accept unaccompanied minors as well. If the sources are to believe, Theresa May will most likely increase the financial contribution to the cause. The source is close to Gerard Collomb, French interior minister. It looks like Macron will use his rising international status against May to get a good bargain of all the things he wants. The two will be meeting on Thursday, January 18, in Sandhurst to discuss more about it. However, the process will be carried on by Home Office and French interior ministry.

Investing millions of euros

France expects the financial contribution of at least tens of million euros. One can only comment after the meeting takes place, but by looking at it now, we can surely tell that the French president is having a stronger hold of the situation. Apart from his strong leadership skills, Macron is also known for marrying a woman who is 24 years senior to him.

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