Around 5,00,000 Ukrainians Entered EU without Visa

Ever since European Union granted visa-free entry status to Ukraine on June 11, 2017, around 490,000 Ukrainians have entered the UK to seek asylum. According to State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, since June 2017, approximately 17.6 million Ukrainian citizens crossed European Union country borders, out of which 4.2 million citizens used biometric passports. In the first few months, around 80,000 Ukrainians crossed the border every month. The number reduced to 32,500 people since November 2017. Now that many people have already crossed the border, the number is slowing down. In the month of April 2018, around 26,000 Ukrainians entered European Union from different countries. Most of these people cross through Poland and Slovakia because these two European Union countries have the least number of checkpoints. The European Union Commission has installed 157 international border crossing points including at the airports in 26 countries. European Union issued visa-free travel to Ukraine on June 11, 2017, allowing citizens of the country. They can travel to all 26 countries excluding Ireland and the United Kingdom and four Schengen states, which include Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland. When Ukraine qualified for EU visa-free travel, it was obvious that this would happen for a long time Ukrainians wanted to move to the European Union since the country isn’t doing well economically. Even though the quality of life is good, there is lack of employment opportunities. EU authorities have talked with the Ukrainian government, who has assured the commission action will be taken. If programs aren’t initiated, European Union might end the visa-free status, which will be bad for the country’s reputation. Extending Greek Islands visa The European Union recently extended the Greek Islands visa-on-arrival program for Turkey passport holders. The program was shut in 2017 after running for five years but had to restart because tourism is a major and only industry for the seven Greek islands.

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