Albania Handover Immigration Rights to EU Police

The Western Balkans has some of the most troubled European countries. Albania has finally given up and asked the European Union police to handle immigration issues. The European Union hopes that it would be a model for other Western Balkan countries to follow. Dimitris Avramopoulos, Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs, and Citizenship, European Union, said that Albania is a front-runner in the Balkans and will become a role model similar to such agreements with other countries in the region. He said that closer connection of European Union with Albania will help them to immediately find the solution for potential immigration challenges faced by the European country. The EU is also negotiating similar agreements with Macedonia and Serbia and hopes to close them soon. Western Balkans has been the main route for entering Europe ever since World War II and especially after 2015. The employment opportunities are better in the continent and safer as well. Until now, at least one million have entered through Greece from the sea and moved to richer northern countries including Germany, Italy, and France. They cannot enter from Turkey because of the deal signed between the country and EU for closing the path.

Albanian refugees

Albania doesn’t lay in the direct route, but many Albanian refugees enter European Union to seek asylum. At least tens of thousands Albanian refugees have entered the EU since 2015, making them one of the top five refugee groups. The EU has rejected many applications until now and made sure that those people fly back to Albania. The agreement between European Union and Albania offers proper training for Albanian police and also be a part of many EU projects. The country, a NATO member, hopes to get an invitation to join the European Union this spring as it has fulfilled all 72 requirements.

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