UK Government White Paper Did Not Address Concerns - Peers

The UK government has received a lot of criticism from peers for not responding to recommendations aimed at ensuring that cultural workers have freedom of movement after Brexit. Last week, there was a debate on the issue in the House of Lords where Lord Jay of Ewelme, a Crossbench peer, said that the government had not given consideration to two important recommendations published by the Lords European Union Committee in a report last July. One of the recommendations wanted the government to introduce a temporary, short-term visa for UK citizens who want to tour the EU and reciprocate such visa for EU citizens visiting the UK. The second recommendation wanted the government to look into establishing a visa policy where EU citizens who are in the UK on a short-term contract would not have to pay into Britain's social security system. The EU is, of course, expected to reciprocate the arrangement. Jay went on to comment on the immigration white paper published by the government at the end of last year, saying that it was disappointing that the white paper did not feature any of the recommendations published in their report in July. By this, according to him, the government had failed to address issues of utmost concern, especially as regards to attracting talent to the UK. Other Lords agreed with Jay. The arts and creative industry, according to Labour peer, Baron Whitty, has a vital role in the economy of Britain. He believes the sector will be stymied if some of the rules people are advocating for are applied. These rules already exist in other parts of the world.

The salary threshold might be going away soon

Lord Ashton of Hyde, the Under-Secretary of State for DCMS Parliament, among his other responses to the debate said that the government had noticed the concerns surrounding the minimum salary threshold of £30,000 for skilled workers. Some of the reports published by the press recently insinuate that Sajid Javid, the UK's Home Secretary is working towards dropping the threshold. Stay connected to to get updates on Visa and Immigration news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK and, the US!  We will also assist with the better visa process. Please approach us for the smooth and quick visa process.

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