The EB-5 Visa as an Alternative Route to America

No, not the H-1B visa; the EB-5 visa offers a more guaranteed solution to your travel-to-America dreams. It is common knowledge that the H-1B visa has a complicated procedure and is hard to get, that is why the EB-5 visa is a more guaranteed route to get to your dream travel destination and live out your dreams. The secret here is that you have a roundabout route to the US and this route requires you to take a first vital step by applying for citizenship in Grenada or the West Indies. This was explained by the Global Chairman of Davies and Associates, Mark Davies while speaking to the Media. This step though does not aid you in getting a US citizenship directly, but it nonetheless, is an essential first step. There are numerous professional and occupational opportunities in these island nations waiting for you to explore them. Additionally, these island nations have one of the most accepted passports worldwide. With your Grenada passport, you are qualified for the US E-2 investor visa.

Procedures to get Antigua and Grenada passports

Antigua and Grenada are both E-2 treaty countries and according to Davies, with a $150,000 investment into the property in any of both countries will get you citizenship. Another option is to pay the same amount into the National Transformation Fund of Grenada. With these investments, one has the opportunity to get an E-2 visa. Applicants, however, are required to invest a minimum of $100,000 in a small business in the US to get an E-2 visa. Another exciting feature of the E-2 visa is that spouses of E-2 visa holders are allowed to work anywhere they wish in the US. But most importantly, as Davies told Media, the E-2 visa lets its holder live and equally work in the US while awaiting the processing of their EB-5 visa application. Stay connected to Visa Weekly to get updates on Visa and Immigration news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK and, the US! We will also assist for the better visa process. Please approach us for the smooth and quick visa process.

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