E-Visas in Malaysia

E-Visas in Malaysia

Looking to go to Malaysia? You may not have to wait for long visa processing times any more.
The Malaysian Immigration Department has developed unveiled two new visa facilities – the eVISA and the eVISA Communications Centre (eVCOMM.) This has been done to facilitate quick and hassle-free tourist arrivals. Proper immigration measures are necessary to guarantee the security of a nation and eliminate outside threats.

Malaysia sees a large number of tourists every year. Their immigration services play a part in welcoming the entry of genuine visitors and travellers- be it students or holiday-goers.

What is it? All You Need to know about E-Visa in Malaysia
The eVISA programme will be an online visa facility that will have a user-friendly interface. It would allow international tourists and students to obtain a Malaysian visa in just 48 hours and save them the trouble of regularly visiting embassies or consulates. The eVisa programme will promote a higher level of security making the country safer for its residents and tourists. It will also enable tourists to get visa whenever they need, without the long wait times.

The government has implemented the eVISA for the following countries: China, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Last year, it had launched online visa applications for the nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Serbia and Montenegro.

Making the Process Simpler and Better

eVISA regional hubs have been set up by the Immigration Department so that it is easier to facilitate applications for approvals of the eVISA and any query can be attended to. This policy is expected to create new opportunities for millions of people across several countries. There will be two more eVISA regional hubs in Brasilia, Brazil and Moscow, Russia by the end of this year. They will be responsible for the applications coming from ten countries in South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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