Double The Number Of Illegal Mexican Immigrants To Cross The Border In 2018

Double The Number Of Illegal Mexican Immigrants To Cross The Border In 2018

US President Trump has promised American that he will reduce immigration. But it seems like the stats say something different entirely. According to a new study by Department of Homeland Security, illegal immigrants entering from Central America will double in 2018. This will be the biggest immigrant entry after the Great Recession of December 2007.

The border patrol’s interdiction rate will be 55 to 80 percent on the Mexican border in 2018. Illegal crossings are usually seasonal. They are highest during early summer immigrants come looking for work in the agriculture and construction sector. It reduces as the year goes on. However, 2016 was a clear exception to the case. The crossings obviously peaked in the summer but it continued to grow until Donald Trump started office in January 2017.

It is clear that Mexicans follow news and had anticipated that Trump would bring in stricter immigration laws. We can give President Trump the credit for stopping 110,000 immigrants from crossing the border in 2017. However, the people are stressed now and just want to cross the border. This indicates that 2018 is going to increase the number of people entering the US over the Mexican border.

Higher attractive wages

Unskilled labor gets $2.5 in Mexico. For the same work, these workers get $16 per hour. Farms in California are in a short supply for farm workers and would like help. Their net income becomes five times higher than what they would’ve earned in Mexico. There are Americans available too, but they won’t work at such low costs.


Trump’s government has promised to pay a hefty fee to get unskilled work done. The US president is bringing in a lot of changes regarding the H-1B visa as well. He feels that it isn’t right to get immigrant workers for work which Americans can do.

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