Turkey Plans to Resume Visa Appointments

The issue between the United States of America and Turkey seems to be almost over. The US Embassy of Turkey announced that the embassy will start taking visa appointments from January 2019 onward. These visa appointments will be for immigrant visas as the US Commission has already resumed processing non-immigrant visas like travel visa and study visa. The US resumed non-immigrant visa services in November 2017, after the Israeli government has given assurance that their staff will get protection. However, the services are limited currently. In October 2017, the US Embassy in Turkey stopped issuing visas to the Asian country national as Turkish officers detained two of its employees from flying to the US. And for no reason, Turkey also imposed a visa ban as a response to America’s action. All flights canceled, and people got the refund of their money. Only student and business visas issued, while travel visas weren’t. Officials at airports of both the countries were alarmed to cancel tickets of those who didn’t know about the news. Even connecting airport officials like Heathrow Airport, London where informed to send people back to either the US or Turkey, wherever they belonged. Fethullah Gulen’s controversial case This isn’t the first time that Turkey was angered by the US. For the past couple decades, the Turkish government is asking the US government to handover Fethullah Gulen. He is living in Pennsylvania since 1999. The US government says that they need enough evidence from the Turks to eradicate and deport him from the country. Fethullah Gulen is a controversial Turkish preacher and who is responsible for Ankara’s failed July 15 coup. This issue was going to remain unsolved for a very long time, and neither nations should press the issue to disturb international harmony. We hope that Turkey and the US solve their differences soon and start functioning as earlier.

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