Hungary Plans to Stop Illegal Immigration

Hungary is going through a phase of excessive illegal immigration mainly from African countries and Syria and neighboring countries. The immigration plan Hungary has developed is right from Russian president, Vladimir Putin’s playbook. Hungary also wants to discourage agencies that help these immigrants enter the country. The Hungarian government announced in the last week that it wants to reduce illegal immigration by stopping agencies that help illegal immigrants cross the country’s border. Budapest has the maximum number of these NGOs, who are conducting illegal work and needs to stop immediately. George Soros, Hungarian-born billionaire sponsor most of the procedures. The government blames him for being one of the biggest culprits to help immigrants enter Europe. The immigration bill called Stop Soros, as mentioned by the government in a press conference. Marta Pardavi, co-chairperson, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, said that the bill will affect organizations that are doing legal work to protect the rights of refugees in Hungary. Her organization is one of those who’ll be affected the most. She said that the bill is anti-humanitarian and targets organizations and individuals that stand up and show courage. If organizations want to continue support immigrants, they need to register themselves with the legislation. They need foreign funding and pay tax, which will invest in border security.

Refusing to accept refugees

Hungary is already in trouble with the European Union because of disagreeing to comply with EU’s refugee quota. The government said that they oppose illegal immigration in every possible way, despite domestic opposition to the bill. Hungarian government told that mass immigration is a serious security risk and they can’t afford risking at the moment. The legislation wants to keep immigrants at least five miles away from Hungary’s Schengen border. All these restrictions are very similar to those put by the communist government in 1969.

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