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Wh?t is HONG KONG ?mm?gr?t??n? Hong Kong's ?mm?gr?t??n ordinance ?? surprising ?n ?? much th?t there ?r?n't that many categories f?r people t? ?u?l?f? under, unl?k? other developed ??untr??? ?n th? w?rld. S?m?l?rl? the r??u?r?m?nt? ?r? n?t d??um?nt?d as ?xt?n??v?l? as ?th?r destinations. As a r??ult H?ng K?ng ?mm?gr?t??n officers have a broad r?ng? ?n h?w th?? ?nt?r?r?t a particular situation w?th?n ?n ???l???t??n, r??ult?ng ?n wh?t ??m? may ??n??d?r as ?n??n???t?nt d??????n-m?k?ng. H?w?v?r ?n r??l?t? n? tw? ???l???t??n? ?r? th? same, but m?? h?v? ??m? similarities. Th? f??t remains th?t ???h ???l???t??n f?r ?n immigration w?rk visa in HK w?ll b? assessed on its ?wn m?r?t?. HONG KONG Immigration – An Overview H?ng Kong ranks ?? ?n? ?f th? m??t business friendly jur??d??t??n? f???l?t?t?ng foreign ?nv??tm?nt. On? ?f the k?? ??ntr?but?ng factors ?? its ?mm?gr?t??n ??l???, designed t? accommodate investors, business ?ntr??r?n?ur? ?nd w?rk?ng ?r?f?????n?l? alike. The main t???? ?f visa schemes f?r ?ntr? into H?ng Kong for employment, ?nv??tm?nt, starting a business ?nd ?th?r bu??n???/w?rk related ?ur????? include:

  • Employment V??? – for f?r??gn individuals who w?ll b? ?m?l???d b? a H?ng K?ng company ?nd will b? r?l???t?ng t? Hong K?ng.
  • Inv??tm?nt V??? – f?r f?r??gn entrepreneurs wh? wish to start th??r ?wn business and relocate to Hong K?ng.
  • Quality Migrant Admission V??? – a ?u?t? b???d entrant scheme f?r f?r??gn ??r??n? who wish t? enter H?ng Kong ?nd ?x?l?r? ??t?bl??h?ng a bu??n??? ?r employment ????rtun?t???.
B?n?f?t? of HONG KONG ?mm?gr?t??n Strong Economy H?ng K?ng h?? b???m? an ???n?m?? hub, ?r?v?d?ng enormous bu??n??? ?nd employment opportunities t? its ????l?. It ?? one of the most open and dynamic ???n?m??? ??r??? the gl?b?. In th? ???r ?f 2010, the actual economic gr?wth rate ?f this former UK ??l?n? increased to 6.8%, recovering from the global economic ?r????. Th?? w?nd?rful ??t? is ?r?v?d?d w?th 1?t rank, out of 41 n?t??n? ??r??? th? A???-P???f?? r?g??n. The ???n?m?? ?tr?ngth? of th? erstwhile ??l?n? of Un?t?d Kingdom include: an ?ff??t?v? banking ???t?m, n? ?ubl?? debt virtually, a ??und legal ???t?m, ?uff????nt f?r??gn exchange r???rv??, and ?n able and ??r?full? ?nf?r??d ?nt?-??rru?t??n ???t?m, ?ll?w?ng it t? f??t r????nd t? ?v?r changing ??tu?t??n?. Advanced Facility H?ng Kong is one ?f the m??t v?v????u? ??t??? across Asia w?th ?ll the ?dv?n??d facilities. It is f?ll?w?ng the f??t?t??? of other b?g ?nd ?dv?n??d ??t??? ??r??? th? gl?b?. Influ?n??d b? Ch?n??? culture, th?? ???ul?r city h?? ?t? own ?????l, which often attracts people to come and ?t?? back h?r? for ???r? ?r even f?r?v?r. L?b?r?l Imm?gr?t??n Policy Unlike other w?rld ?mm?gr?t??n d??t?n?t??n?, H?ng Kong ?? kn?wn f?r ?t? l?b?r?l ??l??? ?f ?mm?gr?t??n that allows people from ?b?ut 170 nations ?nd t?rr?t?r??? to come ?nt? w?th?ut h?v?ng a visa u? to 180 days. Th?? wonderful ??t? h?? b??n ?nv?t?ng ?r?f?????n?l? ?nd ?ntr??r?n?ur? from ?th?r overseas n?t??n? w?th ??t?nt??l? t? contribute t? ?t? ???n?m?? gr?wth. L?w Crime R?t? Safety ?nd ???ur?t? b???m?? the m??t important ??n??rn wh?l? ?t ??m?? t? m?gr?t?ng t? a completely new n?t??n t? l??d a h???? ?nd peaceful l?f?. The reputation of h?v?ng l?w?r ?r?m? rate has m?d? ?t a perfect place for ????l? to ?h???? th?? d??t?n?t??n ?v?r ?th?r destinations. Th? credit f?r l?w?r ?r?m? r?t?? g??? t? the ?tr??ghtf?rw?rd law ?nd ?rd?r ?f th?? city. It ?? known ?? a ??t?, wh?r? ??f?t? ?nd ???ur?t? ?r? ?lm??t ???ur?d. G?n?r?l requirements for HONG KONG ?mm?gr?t??n Th? following ?r? th? ?ff????l minimum r??u?r?m?nt? for f?r??gn visitors to HK.
  • h?v? a minimum validity ?n ??ur ??????rt ?f 1 m?nth b???nd th? ?nt?nd?d ?t?? (?r th? duration ?f th? v??? may b? r??tr??t?d so that there w?ll b? ?n? month ?ft?r the visa ?x??r?)
  • ?r???rl? ??m?l?t? the immigration ??rd on arrival
  • h?v? a visa if your n?t??n?l?t? is required t? have ?n?
  • h?v? ?nw?rd ?r r?turn tr?v?l ?rr?ng?m?nt?
  • h?v? ?uff????nt fund? f?r ??ur ?t?? w?th?ut working (b???d on Immigration's d?f?n?t??n, n?t ??ur?)
  • n?t h?v? a ??r??u? ?r?m?n?l record or be l?k?l? t? be ?nv?lv?d in crime, nor b? considered a ???ur?t? r??k.

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