4 Tips to Choose Accommodation for your Second Year at University

Are you planning to soon move out of your on-campus accommodation? As a first-year bachelor’s student, you have to stay on-campus on a compulsory basis. Now that second year is not far away. You are excited to move out and stay on your own. Well, you need to start planning at least six months before the moving out date, so that the process is smooth. Here are four tips to find accommodation in the second year of university:

Check a few locations

Check for apartments in nearby locations. Sometimes the public transport can be down, or the climate is too harsh, traveling to the university is a hassle. Don’t rush into a decision. Take a couple of months viewing properties. If you’ve already decided with whom you’ll be sharing the apartment, take that person with you for every viewing. It is important both of you are comfortable with the arrangement.

Scan the apartment carefully

If you are viewing the apartments via an estate agent, don’t fall prey to his marketing skills. Check for damp walls, any tiles that have come up, or anything you don’t find okay. Ask the estate agent if he can get it fixed, if not, move to another property.

Check the showers

You might have come across a leaky shower at least once in your life. So wherever you go for viewing, check the shower head. If it works fine, then everything is fine with the property, and you can go ahead with it. A leaky shower means the water connection isn’t good and you’ll have to go days without a shower.

Distribute the bill

If you are sharing your apartment, distribute your bills right from the beginning. Alternate the fixed bills like electricity, gas, and WiFi, and contribute according to your bill in the monthly grocery list. You don’t want any crack in the friendship by the year-end.

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