China Implementing New Rules at Free Visa Zone

China Implementing New Rules at Free Visa Zone

China has set up a lot of free visa zones at its borders. One such free zone is between China and Kazakhstan, its Central Asian neighbor. No one asks for visa or anything, but there’s one restriction. The Chinese don’t want women in veils or wearing jewelry and men with beards in the free zone. This area lies between China’s Xinjiang region and east border of Kazakhstan.

The only security present there is People’s Armed Police, a paramilitary force of China given the responsibility of keeping a close eye on people of Islamic faith. It is a special economic development zone that was developed in 2012 and is three square miles big. The area consists of a certain amount of land from both the countries and it per say doesn’t belong to anybody. From China’s side, only Chinese residents and internationals with Chinese visa can visit these areas.

Alexey A Ivanov, vice president of the Kazakhstan side of the territory said that is unique. It doesn’t operate according to the Kazakhstan governmental rules but is an independent ministate in itself. The Chinese people call this region – Horgos, while Kazakhs call it Khorgos. Many posters in this territory that are Russian, which shouldn’t be there. It depicts that the territory isn’t completely at peace. The posters show what kinds of dresses and jewelry aren’t allowed in there.

Hipster was stopped

A foreigner tried to enter the ministate but was stopped by the People’s Armed Police because they mistook him being of Islamic faith and probably a militant. Ivanov had to come in the picture and convince them that he is completely harmless. People with short beard don’t have a problem getting into the visa-free zone, but those with long beards do.

Looking at this, we can say that Kazakhstan is undoubtedly progressing and plans significant developmental changes in the coming years.

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