Canadian Refugee System Overwhelmed by US Immigration

Canadian Refugee System Overwhelmed by US Immigration

As Trump tightens rules concerning illegal immigration, Canada’s refugee system is seeing a surge in refugees from the US. More than 20,000 immigrants crossed the US – Canada border in 2017 to seek asylum in Canada fearing that Trump might deport them to their home country, most of which are poor, struggling with terrorism or drug cartels, or not safe environmentally.

In only the first month of 2018, more than 1,500 immigrants from the US have already crossed the border. While Canada is a developed nation and uses the latest technology to process applications, handling so many within a limited period is not humanly possible. Officials are given only 60 days to review each asylum claim application and give their approval or denial, whatever it is, according to them. Because of the heavy influx of immigrants, Immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada is already suffering from a huge backlog as 86 percent applicants that had their hearing in December 2017 are still waiting for their dates.

Even agencies that help asylum seekers are facing issues with finding accommodation for them. Toronto invested $20 million for building homes for asylum seekers in 2017 and is expected to increase 2018 investment amount. Toronto has asked the federal government to help them out because they are finding it very difficult to handle the traffic.

Build your life in Toronto

Kristyn Wong-Tam, a city councilor from Toronto, said that no one is saying no to immigrants but in fact want to welcome them and build their lives in Toronto. However, they need the federal government to support them in welcoming immigrants because they can’t do it alone anymore. In its Budget 2018, the federal government allocated $173 million for covering refugee application processing costs and increasing patrol at the US – Canada border.

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