Canada Welcoming Skilled Workers, Provincial Ministers Pro-Immigration

Canada Welcoming Skilled Workers, Provincial Ministers Pro-Immigration

Canada has always been welcoming generations of skilled workers in its borders since many years. The Canadian immigration policies are not that sringent, allowing truly skilled workers to migrate and settle there. In an encouraging move, the provincial ministers have concurred to increase the immigration levels in the range of 300,000 annually.

The Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration (FMRI) held a meeting in Toronto recently. The main issue was clearing the gaps in the labor market. The common consensus in that meeting was , immigration was necessary to meet the current labor market gaps.

The participants also arrived at another important conclusion. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), provided statements after the meeting. It stressed that there should be an increase in collaboration between all Tiers of the government hierarchy and between the different provinces and territories. This would be necessary to upgrade the quality of settlement services provided to the immigrants by the country as a whole.

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USA’s loss is Canada’s gain

This comes as a blessing for the high-tech workers since the US has been continuously losing favor. It is one of the steps in a planned, sustained increase in immigration. As a consequence, the target number of immigration increase will start from 300,000 and probably increase up to 450,000 annually. This is certainly different from the previous plan, which entailed spreading the immigration targets over a number of years to aid in regulating the policies better.

It has a point based Express Entry system for immigration that offers a direct permanent residence through a pseudo lottery. Skilled workers who are fluent in English and / or French can score higher number of points in the process and secure a preferential position. If the skilled worker has a degree from Canada or UK, then that will net you bonus points. Furthermore, the visa application in Canada is very cost effective if value for money is anyone’s concern.

It does seem quite obvious that when one door closes, another opens. If the US is going to close its doors, you have Canada to go to, and continue your quest for a higher quality life.

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