Immigration May be a Deciding Factor in Canada’s Election

In the upcoming federal election in October, Immigration could be a toxic issue. Just politicians' talks of anti-immigration easily trigger attacks on some of the most vulnerable members in society. When Donald Trump, the presidential candidate ran the campaign against immigration, there was an immediate effect. Thugs flung the streets and hate crimes cases skyrocketed (which include immigrants, as well as identifiable groups under attack) to about the 50%, 20% and 62% in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington DC respectively. After the President’s election, this continued. From research at the center for the study of Hate and Extremism at the California State University, there was persistence in the effects after the elections and hate crimes increased by 13% across 10 largest cities in America. This anti-immigration issue is being geared up by the Conservatives. Andrew Scheer had once said on Twitter that the cost of illegal crossings at the border by the taxpayers in Canada is $34,000 each person. He directed this tweet to the Parliamentary Budget Officer immediately after the officer had warned that the movements across the Canadian-U.S. border by asylum seekers at points not authorized could cost more than $1 billion in 3 years for the federal government. Scheer finished his talk by expressing his opposition against the intentions of Mr. Trudeau to sign an agreement with the UN on a multinational approach to migration. This he said gives influence over Canada’s immigration to foreigners.

Racism disguised as anti-immigration

A shift in public opinion has been made on immigration, and this may be powered by the anger of anti-immigration in the US and Europe and rage-about-everything on social media. Canadians support immigration in ordinary times. But you will find at the core, racism if the anti-immigration rhetoric is peeled away. The percentage of the orderly arrival of immigrants in Canada to those who arrive at the border unannounced is 10%, and this shows there is no much difference. But a vast difference is seen when comparing the people who prefer a white European to a black or brown foreigner living close to them, as confirmed by researchers. This irrational fear of the other was tapped into by the conservatives when an ad depicting a black crossing the U.S. border to Canada was run. Though the ad was withdrawn, it’s a message “dark-skinned immigrants are scary” still lingers. Will Conservatives gain power from disguising racism as anti-immigration? The fear in the other parties’ supporters will be tapped into. Standing, the percentage of Canadians who feel visible minorities are many in the country is 40%; and out of these, 65%support the Conservatives, 13% are Liberals supporters, while 20% are New Democrats supporters. Maybe, fear mongers who are organized on Facebook, under the “Yellow Vests Canada” banner can be recruited by the Conservatives, and they are about 107,000 members. Stay connected to Visa Weekly to get updates on Visa and Immigration news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK and, the US! We will also assist for the better visa process. Please approach us for the smooth and quick visa process.

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