Canada to Offer 10,700 Work Visas in 2019 to the Irish Citizens
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Are you an Irish youth looking to have a change of environment in 2019? Well, an opportunity has presented itself as Canada plans to throw its borders open to young citizens of Ireland with 10,700 work visas. This agenda is coming under the International Experience Canada, (IEC) program beginning in 2019.The application system for this visa program has just opened.

With the IEC program, young Irishcitizens whose ages fall from 18 - 35 can move to Canada to work for 2 years.

This same visa scheme was available to Irish citizens this year, but the quotas for the various work-visa types havechanged for next year.

The quotas change for next year

Working holiday visas now have 10,500 slots;young professionals will take up the next 150 slots; the last 50 slots which fall under the “international co-op” category will go to students for their internship and work-placements. Note though, that the young professionals taking the 150 visa-slot must already have a job offer that goes with theirqualification before applying.

The young professional visa and the working holiday visa both have a 2-year validity. The international co-op visa is only valid for a year. Participants, however, can apply for two more years using a second IEC Visa. This lets them stay in Canada for 3 years.

Ireland happens to be one of the about 30 countries in the world that signed a reciprocal deal with Canada to let young people live and work there.

In 2018, more Irish citizens applied for the working holiday visa than any other country on the visa-reciprocity deal with Canada.

Some Irish citizens see this visa scheme as a big opportunity for young citizens of Ireland who have been presented with a double chance to gain invaluable work experience in an international environment and also explore the beautiful country of Canada at the same time.

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