Canada is Working on a New Digital Identity Prototype

Canada is Working on a New Digital Identity Prototype

The government of Canada, World Economic Forum, and Accenture are developing a personal digital identity technology that will change the concept of border security. Currently called the Known Traveller Digital Identity, the prototype will use blockchain technology to transfer digitized personal information from the traveler to the Canadian government and airport authorities.

It based on the concept that travelers trust the internet with their data. Providing them a secure technology to upload personal documents like educational transcripts and passport copy will make it trust more. Even though Accenture yet hasn’t confirmed what type of blockchain technology will be used in the final product, for now, they are using vanilla blockchain. The Canadian government plans to launch the fully-tested product by 2022. The Netherlands will be testing the prototype alongside Canada.

Carl Sharpe, senior principal, Accenture advanced analytics on artificial intelligence, said that a distributed ledger concept makes the project very flexible. In case, one or two parts of the technology fail, they can simply attach a new plug, and it will start running fine. There are five motives for building the technology. It plans to improve bookings, visa applications, departure gates, security screenings, and border security. The technology will focus more on security than the speed of processing.

Trying the product at World Economic Forum

A few people at the World Economic Forum tested the technology. After downloading the app on their mobile devices, they uploaded a photo of their passport and fingerprint. A Canadian authority then confirmed the identity and once the uploaded information matched the user, he was given a stamp on the passport.

The technology is undoubtedly going to simplify border security and make it stronger. Canada is a favorite destination for vacationers. With this technology, people won’t have to wait in long queues at the airport because half of the work is already done.

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