Biometric Collection Extended to New Countries by Canada

In the latest development, countries in Asia, Asia Pacific, and the Americans have been included in Canada's biometric collection program for 2019. In-Canada applications are included in this program. It is now mandatory for people applying from these countries to submit biometrics for their applications for study or work permit, visitors visa as well as permanent residence in Canada.

Why Biometrics?

Biometrics involves the measurement of an individual's unique physical features including face photographs and fingerprints. Biometrics collection is incorporated into the immigration programs of above 70 countries all over the world. The following are the benefits of using biometrics for immigration program:
  • More accurate identification of immigration applicants
  • Faster application processing
  • Significant reduction of confusion of identification of applicants
Biometrics program will help Canada manage its immigration data collection system in a manner that is more efficient and safer especially considering the fact that Canada's per capital rates of immigration is one of the highest in the world as well as the large immigration targets of the country.


Each applicant is required to submit biometric verification just once in ten years. For instance, an applicant who submitted biometrics when getting study permits does not need to provide the biometrics when applying another residence permit or permanent residence if it is still within ten years. Other exemptions include:
  • Heads of State and Head of Government
  • Nationals of US submitting an application for a study, work or temporary resident permit
  • Applicants below age 14 or above age 79 excluding asylum claimants
  • Current permanent residents and citizens including people applying for citizenship
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