Canada To Review The Express Entry Scheme

Canada To Review The Express Entry Scheme

Canada Express Entry Scheme the popular visa program of the Canada will undergo major changes after the official publication from the Canada.Canada firms are not happy with the barriers created by the express entry, the startup businesses to grow rapidly requires specialized skills, hiring the employees is impossible through LMIA approval.

There is also concern from the international students who are not happy with the visa program. They are not able to find the job except applying for the Canada Express Entry. Canada Immigration Minister John McCallum responding to the problems associated with the immigration. The Minister announced to review the Canada Express Entry Scheme.

The international students in Canada will be given preference and additional points will be given to the students with Canada degrees. Canada does not want to leave the people who are adapted to the Canada conditions and are Canada educated. Under the leadership of the Justin Trudeau, the liberal Government is planning to introduce numerous changes to the immigration system to welcome quality migration to Canada.

Numerous changes have been introduced that includes the changes to the Citizenship laws. The Citizenship laws of the Canada are amended to facilitate the potential immigrants.

The potential immigrants must require residing in Canada for three years out of five years. Presently, only single language proficiency is required to apply for the Canada Citizenship. Canada Immigration laws have been made favorable to the potential immigrants who are responsible and making significant contribution to the Canadian economy.

Canada has planned to introduce numerous changes to the immigration system. The spouses who are going to enter Canada will be given permanent residence directly, changes are meant to welcome the quality migration and respect the people who are valuable to the Canada society.

The role of the immigrants in Canada lifestyle is unique and they have always been the significant contributors of the economy, socially and they add to cultural diversity of Canada.

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