50% Rise in Canadian Citizenship for Indians this year

Thousands of Indians are taking additional steps in their immigration journey by going for Canadian citizenship. This is after they have lived in the country as permanent residents for the required duration of stay. Canadian authorities released some statistics to this regard which was in response to the request of TOI. The statistics revealed that in the first 10 months of 2018, about 15,000 Indians got Canadian citizenship. Compared to the records in 2017, it is a 50% spike in numbers. Judging by the countries of origin of the applicants for Canadian citizenship, India has the second highest number of applicants. The first position — albeit with a slight lead — was taken by the Philippines. The final statistics for the year has not been released, but it had been predicted to be higher. It has a low likelihood to surpass the high number in 2015 when about 28,000 Indians applied for Canadian citizenship. Since then, the numbers had been declining each year, but in 2018, the interest of Indians in Canadian citizenship picked up again.

Canadian citizenship application process is now easier

Talha Mohani, who lives in Ontario and is the managing director of Migration Bureau Corp, remarked that the application for the Canadian citizenship has become considerably easier since October 2017. For instance, the length of time that was formerly required for a citizenship candidate to have stayed in Canada has been cut down. A permanent resident is now required to live in Canada for 3 years out of 5 years as against the former requirement of 4 years out of 6 years. In contrast to the Canadian permanent residency permit, Canadian citizenship offers more benefits and opportunities including an increased rate of mobility, being eligible to gain employment in the government sector, and being able to exercise the right to vote just like any other Canadian. Stay connected to Visa Weekly to get updates on Visa and Immigration news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK and, the US! We will also assist for the better visa process. Please approach us for the smooth and quick visa process.

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