Canada Focuses on Preventing Immigration Frauds

Canada Focuses on Preventing Immigration Frauds

Canada has increased the level of immigration, and so have immigration frauds. Immigration Ministry of Canada has planned to dedicate March as Fraud Prevention month as a part of Canadian government’s education campaign. Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Immigration Minister, said that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will conduct a number of fraud prevention activities during the month and also promote awareness about immigration scams and fraudulent websites. There will be workshops where people will be told how to select an immigration attorney and firm.

Hussen said that as the month kicks off, it gives the opportunity to each and everyone to protect themselves against immigration frauds and scams. He mentioned clearly that Canadian government doesn’t provide a special preference to anyone, so if an agent asks you extra money to get your petition accepted in one shot or gives a guarantee that it will get accepted even if the profile isn’t strong enough.

Canada government doesn’t make it compulsory to hire an attorney or representative and perform the procedure entirely on your own. But if you choose to hire an attorney, make sure to ask the agent’s registration number and check if his validity online. If the government of Canada finds out that any information you provide is false, then your petition will be rejected as they should not tolerate fraud. Canada opened a new web portal –, where you can learn how to report scams and make sure the agent is authorized.

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Remember that Canadian immigration is occurring in full swing and the equal chance is given to all. There is no shortcut to getting selected, so if you feel you are deserving, then simply wait for your turn to come. Things get a lot simpler when you are true to yourself. The best way to get permanent residency studies in Canada for a year, do a post-graduate certificate course or something, and become a permanent resident in the next two years.

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