Britons rejected European Union

Britons rejected European Union

The Britons rejected the European Union on the day of the referendum held on June 23. Immigration remained the

primary concern of Britons.

The Leave campaign secured 52 percent votes whereas the remaining campaign gained 48 percent votes. The British Prime Minister David Cameroon will resign in the month of October, and the next prime minister has to initiate the process separation from the United States.

Almost considered as the final meeting with the European Union leaders, speaking at the event Cameroon said that Britons and the EU countries must accept challenges and sign the common agreement.

Though the United Kingdom is separated from the European Union, UK needs access to the European markets.

Immigration will change the demography of the United Kingdom and will impact the business establishments with headquarters in London.

They have to change their headquarters to other European countries to run business, and they will lose the advantage of skilled labor.

The leave campaign actually promoted the concept of migration, and people feared of losing their job with the free movement of people to the United Kingdom from the European Countries.

The fall of Sterling Pound allows more number of students to pursue higher education in the United States.

The Brexit Supporters are favorable to the Australian Style of new immigration policies.

They are favorable to the English-speaking Indians and Australians who are responsible, qualified and work hard in the United Kingdom.

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