President Trump Reverses Immigration Order: Iraq Spared

An executive order has just been signed by President Trump placing a 90-day ban on six Muslim nations. Iraq which was one among the previous seven nation order was removed; therefore people with valid visas from Iraq will be allowed into the US.

The order which ?n?lud?? a 120-day b?n ?n ?ll r?fug???, ????rd?ng t? the Wh?t? H?u?? ?ff????l?, th? ban t?k?? ?ff??t ?n March 16 to limit tr?v?l d??ru?t??n. The days’ notice is to help avoid the chaotic scenes at the US airports that occurred on 27 January when the President announced the first executive order without warning.

“Th?? executive ?rd?r r????n??bl? provides a n??d?d ??u?? so w? ??n ??r?full? r?v??w how w? ??n ??rut?n?z? ????l? coming here fr?m these ??untr??? ?f ??n??rn,” Att?rn?? G?n?r?l J?ff S?????n? ???d ?n ?nn?un??ng that the order h?d b??n ??gn?d.

Meanwhile, during Trump's campaign, an email was sent out asking people to sign a petition in support of the new order.

“A? your Pr???d?nt, I m?d? a solemn promise t? k??? Am?r??? ??f?,” th? ?m??l ??gn?d by Trum? ???d. “And I will NEVER ?t?? f?ght?ng until w? implement th? policies ??u – ?nd millions of Am?r???n? l?k? ??u – voted f?r.”

It will be recalled that the previous order which was blocked by the Federal high Court caused confusion at airports and mass protest.

The six ??untr??? wh??h were ?n the formal l??t; Iran, L?b??, S?r??, Somalia, Sud?n and Y?m?n w?ll ?n?? m?r? be ?ubj??t t? a 90-day tr?v?l b?n.

Th? new order ?t?t?? th?t refugees ?lr??d? approved b? the St?t? Department w?ll b? allowed t? ?nt?r, limiting th? 50,000 u?u?ll? taken f?r th? ???r.

Th? new m???ur? lifts a b?n on ?ll S?r??n r?fug???, Gr??n card h?ld?r?’ form the n?m?d countries will not b? ?ff??t?d b? th? n?w ?rd?r.

Th? attorney g?n?r?l of W??h?ngt?n State noted th?t the new ?rd?r represented a “??gn?f???nt v??t?r?” for Washington State b???u?? th? administration h?d “????tul?t?d on numerous k?? ?r?v????n? that w? contested ?n court.”

Officials fr?m the ?t?t?, Homeland S??ur?t?, ?nd Ju?t??? d???rtm?nt? d?f?nd?d th? n?w order ?? ?n ?m??rt?nt step to improving th? safety ?f th? people. They ?l?? ?dd?d that the n?m?d ??untr??? were withered state ???n??r? of t?rr?r??m, or th??r territories w?r? so ??m?r?m???d th?t they w?r? effective havens f?r t?rr?r??t gr?u??. Iraq w?? omitted b???u?? ?t is ?n “important ?ll? ?n th? f?ght t? defeat ISIS” – th? I?l?m?? St?t? militant ?rg?n?z?t??n – ?nd Ir??’? l??d?r? ??n??nt?d t? implement new, un?????f??d ???ur?t? measures.

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