Indians Could Benefit From Donald Trump's Merit-Based Immigration Proposal

Pr???d?nt D?n?ld Trum?'? has r???ntl? m?d? it kn?wn th?t th? proposal for a merit-based ?mm?gr?t??n system has the ??t?nt??l to b? ?f advantage t? th? Ind??n?, a large numb?r ?f whom h?v? h?gh l?v?l? of ?du??t??n ?nd ?k?ll?. But th?? will ult?m?t?l? d???nd ?n th? f?n?r details ?f h?w the ?r?????l ?? ?m?l?m?nt?d.

In his State ?f th? Union Addr??? to a j??nt session ?f Congress, Trum? said the US ?h?uld give out gr??n cards u??ng a m?r?t-b???d ???t?m ??m?l?r t? th??? ?f C?n?d? and Au?tr?l?? ?n ?l??? ?f ?t? current "?utd?t?d" ?r?gr?m.

"N?t??n? ?r?und th? world, l?k? Canada, Australia, ?nd many ?th?r? -- h?v? a m?r?t-b???d ?mm?gr?t??n ???t?m," h? ???d.  "It ?? a fund?m?nt?l ?r?n???l? that th??? ???k?ng t? ?nt?r a ??untr? ?ught t? b? ?bl? to support th?m??lv?? f?n?n???ll?."

B? n?t following ?u?h a ???t?m, he ???d the US w?ll strain th? v?r? ?ubl?? r???ur??? th?t ?ur ???r??t ??t?z?n? r?l? u??n,  switching away from this ?urr?nt ???t?m ?f l?w?r-?k?ll?d ?mm?gr?t??n, ?nd ?d??t?ng a merit-based ???t?m, w?ll have m?n? b?n?f?t?: such ?? ??untl??? dollars, r???? w?rk?r?' w?g??, and h?l? ?truggl?ng households -- ?n?lud?ng immigrant families -- ?nt?r th? middle ?l???," he said.

Trump d?d n?t m?k? ?n? m?nt??n ?f those w?rk?ng ?n the US ?n temporary ?r?f?????n?l w?rk v???? known as H-1B. In earlier ?????h??, he ???d th?t h? would root ?ut ?bu??? in that visa category ?nd r??tr??t th?m if they were t? thr?w Am?r???n? out of work.

Th??? who ?u?l?f? for H1-B v???? und?r more ?tr?ng?nt ??nd?t??n? either imposed by th? Trum? Administration or by a bill ?ntr?du??d jointly by a Republican ?nd a Democratic in C?ngr??? w?uld l?k?l? have a l?g u? in th? merit system. Although, Trump d?d n?t ???ll ?ut h?w the m?r?t-b???d system w?uld w?rk.

On th? f??? ?f ?t, Ind??n? w?uld m?k? a g??d fit f?r a m?r?t-b???d ???t?m going by th? ??mmun?t?'? current profile. According to a r???rt by th? P?w R????r?h C?nt?r, 70 per ??nt ?f Indians in the US are college gr?du?t??. Th? US Census Bur??u reported th?t ?n 2013, the median household ?n??m? f?r Ind??n f?m?l??? was ?v?r $100,000.

But th?r? are ?th?r f??t?r? ?u?h ?? wh?th?r the ?urr?nt national quotas or l?m?t? ?n ????l? from any ??untr? wh? ??uld be admitted ?n a year ?r? retained could ult?m?t?l? d?t?rm?n? h?w ?t ?l??? ?ut f?r Ind??n?.

First ?f all, ?t w?ll run ?nt? ??????t??n mainly fr?m th? D?m??r?t?? Party which w?uld ?rgu? th?t it w?uld not h?l? th? ???r and th? un?k?ll?d immigrate t? th? US ?nd discriminate against ?mm?gr?nt? fr?m L?t?n Am?r???n ??untr??? wh?m th? ??rt? ??unt? as a key part ?f ?t? base.

A w?? out f?r Trum? m?ght b? t? b?rt?r th? m?r?t-b???d r?f?rm f?r allowing ??m? ?ll?g?l ?mm?gr?nt? t? ?t?? on in th? country.

Curr?ntl?, th? US ?mm?gr?t??n system r??tr??t? th? numb?r ?f people wh? ??n immigrate fr?m ???h ??untr? to ??v?n per cent of th? t?t?l numb?r allowed ?n except f?r ?mm?d??t? r?l?t?v?? of ??t?z?n?. This has led t? several ???r?' w??t f?r Ind??n? t? get their gr??n ??rd?. Th?r? ?? also ?n ?nnu?l l?m?t of 140,000 ?n ?m?l??m?nt-b???d gr??n ??rd?.

B???u?? of th? limits, most ?r?f?????n?l? fr?m Ind?? h?v? to w??t ?? long as 12 years f?r a gr??n ??rd ?nd th??? w?th "?x???t??n?l ?u?l?f???t??n?" nine ???r?, ????rd?ng t? th? St?t? D???rtm?nt v??? availability d?t? for M?r?h. A m?r?t-b???d system has the ??t?nt??l t? cut down the w??t.

How th? r?f?rm w?uld ult?m?t?l? ?ff??t Ind??n? could d???nd ?n h?w country l?m?t? ?nd th? ??? ?n th? number ?f ?m?l??m?nt visas are r?t??n?d ?r handled ?nd also on th? r?t?nt??n of the ?mm?gr?t??n ?r?v?l?g?? for brothers and sisters of ??t?z?n? ?nd th??r f?m?l???. Th? reform m?? ?l?? ?ff??t the ?b?l?t? of br?th?r? and ???t?r? ?nd ?ld?rl? parents of ??t?z?n? to ?mm?gr?t? ?f th?? are subjected t? a ???nt? system.

"I b?l??v? th?t r??l and ????t?v? immigration r?f?rm is possible as l?ng ?? w? focus ?n the f?ll?w?ng g??l?: t? improve jobs and w?g?? for Americans, t? ?tr?ngth?n ?ur n?t??n'? security, ?nd to r??t?r? r?????t f?r our l?w?," Trum? ???d.

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