Donald Trump Immigration Ban: 60,000 visas revoked after travel restrictions imposed on seven Muslim-majority countries

Posted on: 03 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Ban on Muslim countries , Immigration ban , Revoked visa ,

V???? from th?u??nd? ?f tr?v?l?r? into th? US have been repealed because ?f the n?w Donald Trump ?mm?gr?t??n rul??; The St?t? D???rtm?nt ?t?t?d th?t "f?w?r than 60,000 ?nd?v?du?l?' visas w?r? r?v?k?d provisionally ".

Th? numb?r was confirmed ?n th? course ?f a V?rg?n?? ??urt h??r?ng for a l?w?u?t f?l?d b? two Y?m?n? br?th?r? who ?n ?rr?v?l ?nt? Dull?? Int?rn?t??n?l A?r??rt l??t Friday w?r? hurr??dl? put ?n a r?turn flight t? Ethiopia.

Mr. Trum?'? ?r?g?n?l order, which h? ???d w?? meant t? h??d off ?tt??k? b? I?l?m?? ?xtr?m??t? b?rr?d ????l? from Ir?n, Iraq, L?b??, S?m?l??, Sudan, Syria, ?nd Y?m?n from ?nt?r?ng f?r ??m? days, ?x???t th??? fr?m Syria, wh? w?r? b?nn?d ?nd?f?n?t?l?.

L?t? ?f ????l? who flew into th? US fr?m ??r??? th??? n?t??n? w?r? ?nt?rr?g?t?d for h?ur?, h?nd?uff?d ?nd ??m? of th?m ??nt b??k b???u?? the n?w ?rd?r did n?t provide ?n?tru?t??n? t? airports ?? a gu?d? for their operations.

Th?? b?n became ?n?n?r?d ?n the courts ?? hum?n r?ght? gr?u?? and ??m? ??l?t????n? ?rgu?d th?t th? ?rd?r was un??n?t?tut??n?l.  R?th?r than the ???? ?n the Su?r?m? C?urt, Mr. Trump h?? d???d?d t? ??n??l that ?x??ut?v? ?rd?r, ?nd write a n?w one w?th th??? ?h?ng??.

"Th? ?r???d?nt is ??nt?m?l?t?ng releasing a tighter, m?r? ?tr??ml?n?d version of th? f?r?t (?rd?r)," J?hn Kelly said wh?l? ????k?ng ?t th? Munich S??ur?t? C?nf?r?n?? r???ntl?.

He ?r?m???d, "a ?h?rt phase-in ??r??d" ?n wh??h th??? already boarded a ?l?n? bound f?r th? Un?t?d States would n?t h?v? th??r visas r?v?k?d.

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