Parents of Australian Citizens and PR Will Get Visa Easily

Now your aged parents can come and stay with you in Australia but only if you pay $10,000 for each parent. The Australian government will announce more about it in the coming week's budget. Your parents will need to have private health insurance and a bond showing financial support from you (children) before the government approves their visa. During the 2016 elections, Turnbull's party promised that parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents would get a three-year-long visitor visa if they will pay $5,000 of bonds, have private health insurance, both of which are sponsored by the children. In September 2016, the government released a set of papers about the parent visa. At that time, Alex Hawke, Australian assistant immigration minister, said that the program will start from July 2017. Australia has two visa programs for aged parents. The non-contributory aged parent visa has a processing time of 30 years, which doesn't make sense. The contributory aged parent visa takes two years of processing time but is too expensive. The assistant immigration minister said that they want to unite families. Australia has a huge population of Chinese and South Indian communities, who have parents living back at home. These citizens and residents are always under pressure of being away from their parents it is hectic for them. Don't want to add extra cost on public health system Ageing comes along with its own set of diseases and disorders, and the Australian government doesn't want to bear its load. Peter Dutton, Immigration Minister, said that they are okay as long as the aged parents have private health insurance. Australia recently announced that it will be abolishing the 457 type work visa and replacing it with two different kinds of visas depending on the occupation. It has attracted people to come to Australia and become permanent residents.

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