No Applicants for Lots of Australian PR Visas

No Applicants for Lots of Australian PR Visas

Australia ranks among the top-choice travel destination for immigrants. Thousands of people apply each year for the opportunity to move to Australia as skilled immigrants. Some of the skills have many applicants waiting in line while some others do not have any takers at all.

Australia budgets about 170,000 visas every year, but about 70% of this figure is kept for skilled applicants only.

Applicants of the skilled stream migration are expected to indicate their occupation in the occupation list. The particular occupation list will be determined by the kind of visa they seek. For example, the skilled independent visa which is also known as subclass 189 is a permanent visa which lets its holder stay indefinitely in any part of the country, living and working there. Applicants for this visa will have to fill and submit an expression of interest. Depending on their points test score, they will be invited to apply for a visa.

The skilled independent visa has close to 44,000 spots reserved in Australia’s immigration planning each year.

Which occupations are hotcakes?

Some of the popular occupations which include accountancy and IT consultancy get piles of applications, so much so that the Department of Home Affairs has had to make pro-rata arrangements. In contrast, there are some other occupations where no applicants have been issued any invites since the past financial year.

There are about 73 occupations in all the occupation lists, and about six of them that have no applicants issued an invite.

Most applicants who are in trade occupations usually go for other Australian visas to get a Permanent Residency Permit. This is probably because the subclass 189 visa requires a much higher level of proficiency in the English language.

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