Australian Minister Wish for Passport-free Travel

Getting on a random plane and walking straight out of the airport is every traveler’s dream and an Australian minister says that it will be a reality in just a couple years. Peter Dutton, Home Affairs Minister of Australia, said that the government is testing the prototype at the Canberra airport and a success rate of 90 percent. He announced its tech travel plans at the National Press Club. Dutton said that with the advance in technology, he can imagine a world where people’s passport stays in their pocket. By using facial recognition, they will directly walk out of the exit after getting down from the airplane. Dutton launched a visa system that can process as many as 8.5 million visa applications yearly. He has asked companies to come up with a deal, which will obviously be a multi-billion dollar deal. He is open to a Chinese company sending in a deal as well since he doesn’t want to differentiate between countries and wants everyone to have an equal chance. The Australian government will into the bona fides of the company head, consortium, and how strong the collaboration is. Dutton feels that such technology is desperately needed because the huge inflow of visa applications is humanly too heavy to process. Australia is receiving a lot of Indian and Chinese tourists and students, and therefore, it becomes essential to process visa applications on time, for which they need technology.

Best service at the lowest cost

Dutton said that he will award the deal to the lowest bidder with the best technology. After trying it out on passenger travel, Australia will implement the technology for freight as well. Even though it will take a couple of years to implement the technology fully, Dutton is excited how it will affect Australia’s economy. And so are we.

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