Australian Government Will Outsource Home Dept Call Centre

Datacom will now handle the Australian government call center for its Department of Home Affairs. This call center will be in Adelaide and capable of handling over 1.5 million immigration and visa queries. The department’s call center was initially in Sydney, but now will be shut down. The Australian government is receiving heavy criticism for privatizing yet another of its offices. Public Sector and the Community Union did the not appreciate the move. Brooke Muscat-Bentley, secretary, Public Sector Union, said that it is going to reduce transparency, will put personal information at risk, and also the quality of service will degrade. The Sydney call center had over 250 staff members. Closing it was very brutal since it puts over 250 families out of employment. Outsourcing something like this means you have to pay more and expect very little this is the major problem involved. The Australian government already has given a lot of work to Datacom. It provides customer service to Taxation Office and works as virtual assistance for agency’s intellectual property and patents. Jonathan Ladd, chief executive, Datacom, said that the company had to go through a lot of things to get the contract. It only shows the multinational company’s leadership in customer care services in Australia. He adds that the Department of Home Affairs will keep the decision making power to itself. The call center will only take calls and solve the queries they have regarding immigration and visa. Muscat-Bentley raised issue about Datacom’s tax activity Muscat-Bentley said that the company has hidden profits to reduce the tax amount they’d to pay. Datacom released a statement saying that they do not undertake any activity that reduces the tax amount but pay whatever comes up. The statement also said that no employee will leak any personal information because they trained well in that way.

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