Australia Welcomes Refugees on Humanitarian Grounds

In 2017, Australia adopted a humanitarian migration program for settling humanitarian arrivals in the country. In the financial year, 2016 - 2017, Australia accepted the most number of refugees ever. The total number of refugee arrival in the year was 24,162, which includes refugees from Iran and Syria as well. The last the intake was anywhere close to the figure was in 1980 - 1981, which was 22,545. The humanitarian program started in the 1980s and has an upward trend of refugee figures every passing year. Also, in the year 2016 - 17, Australia issued permanent residency permit to 225,941 immigrants. 92,000 were either working or studying in the country on a visa, while 133,000 arrived in Australia to live. The government said that it could not calculate exactly the trend because of the World War II and other kinds of wars that displaced millions of people across the globe. After the World War II, between 1947 and 1975, more than 297,000 refugees arrived in Australia and were settled by the government. And that’s when the Refugees Convention legally described the definition of a refugee in 1951. Owing to the steady inflow of refugees, the Fraser government started a special program for them, which is still very much active. According to the UN Refugee Agency, 65.6 million people are displaced across the globe until now. Out of 65.6 million 22.5 million are staying out of their country, while others moved to a different location in their own country.

World’s biggest refugee camps

Turkey has been the most sensitive towards Syrian refugees, providing shelter to more than 2.7 million refugees. Pakistan and Lebanon also have a mixed group of refugees that lives that both the Countries borders. The refugee migration program should have exponentially increased throughout the years since Australia is a developed nation and has a lot of space for accommodating refugees, but hasn’t done it. Less than one percent of refugees live in Australia today.

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