Australia to Widen its Borders for Immigrants

There is good news for those who have dreams of working in Australia. An opportunity to travel to the country and get a good job is almost here. Just over the weekend, Sable International affirmed the news that the proposal for 2 new visa paths will be open for applications by November 2019.

Another report from Business Tech revealed that the government was considering adding the third route. This route, however, will not be open till 2022. The two new routes that will open in five months’ time are:

  • Skilled Work Regional Visa

  • Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa

The Skilled Work Regional Visa is designed to provide labour in regions that need an urgent workforce. By applying for this visa, you already kept your mind open to going anywhere in the country.

Some of the regions in the Northern Territory like Darwin or Palmerston might be isolated, but they still offer the vibrancy of city life while combining the comfort that comes with suburban security. Applicants who have a spouse who is skilled or a qualification in any of the STEM professions would be at an advantage.

Sam Hopwood, who works at Sable International as the Director for Australian Immigration, revealed that applicants who are below 45 and can pass the requisite English language test for those coming to Australia should go ahead and apply provided that they have a qualification in any of the fields listed here.

The Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa is a route that could send you anywhere in Australia with a low likelihood of such a place being Sydney or Melbourne. A significant difference here is that your potential employer picks you.

The annoying points-based system has been removed

Unlike so many other Australian immigration routes, the Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa does not use a points-based system. It's so simple and straightforward to obtain in that you only need an employer to offer you a job and also meet the English language prerequisite to consider yourself an immigrant in regional Australia.

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