Australia Opens its Borders to Low-Skilled Workers

Australia Opens its Borders to Low-Skilled Workers

The government of Australia has introduced a new work visa for low-skilled workers to foreigners who have the basic farm or hospitality skills to move to Australia permanently. This provision for migrants to obtain a permanent residency permit in the country was not available previously.

The country’s Minister for Immigration, David Coleman, revealed that the Australian government was working on providing better working conditions for each location based on their peculiarities.

According to him, the government was considering ways of filling employment gaps in certain regional areas.

The option for permanent residency for many jobs in Australia’s migration program has long been closed off by the government for two years. However, this option is still available majorly in some recognized skilled occupations that are relevant to businesses in Australia.

But with the introduction of this new visa, the requirements have been reduced to accommodate migrants who have low English language skills with low skills and pay, to get permanent residency in Australia.

A travel agent in Darwin, Manuela Seiberth, acknowledged that the permanent residency offer was huge especially, considering the reforms that were affected in the country’s migration law recently. The new changes made the visa requirements for work visas more difficult.

Before now, work visas were for applicants who had high English skills, and an annual income of not less than $53,900.

But today, with the bar brought down, this new visa allows a hairdresser, baker or any low or semi-skilled worker to live and work in Australia permanently.

Seiberth further revealed that employers in the northern territory find it difficult to attract and retain skilled workers.

Changes to attract more workers into the Northern Territory

However, the Government of the Northern Territory has confirmed that there are more occupations included in the new agreement numbering up to 117 with changes in the required proficiency level for the English language, salary upgrades and the opportunity to obtain a permanent residency permit in Australia.

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