Aussie Government Replaces 457 Work Visa with Temporary Work Visa

The Australian government is finally abolishing the 457 work visa. It entirely replaced by temporary work visa that divided into two those are short stream-term and medium stream-term visas. The government made a few changes to the occupations lists that are only eligible for the short stream-term visa. It was reported after that, that the government might change the occupations list for the medium to long stream-term visas as well. Australia’s Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, said that the government would modify the list for every six months to manage the inflow of applications. The Department of Employment will regularly review the occupation lists such that all short-term and long-term needs of the economy of Australia fulfilled. Just like some changes made in the last year in the months April and July 2017. The occupations list for medium and long stream terms are pretty stable and to promote continuity and hence, not changed. In December 2017, the Australian government revealed that Indians lead the list of most number of skilled and family immigrants in the country. 20 percent immigrants from India Australia is a simple country. There is no racism, ample of opportunities, and pollution-free atmosphere. Indians yearn for all these things. Again, with their intelligence, Indians become one of the preferred skilled workers in the country. In 2016 - 17, 20 percent of immigrants coming to Australia were Indians. Australia granted 38,854 visas to Indians. The entire Indian subcontinent, which includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh represented 30 percent of the immigrant pool for 2016 - 17. Jitesh Chheda, the migration consultant from Melbourne, said that the Australian government not deciding to change things has been a considerable relief to Indians coming into the country. Many are interested in applying for permanent residency in the coming months. Chheda feels that stability in the policy attracts more and newer talent into the country and Australia needs it.

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