Australia Toughens Its Stand On Permanent Residency

Australia Toughens Its Stand On Permanent Residency

Immigration Department of Australia to introduce provisional visas before granting permanent residency

In the wake of rising intolerance and dysfunctional multiculturalism, the latest country to tighten its borders is Australia. The Immigration Department has plans to introduce a ‘provisional visa’ and make migrants spend time in probation before deciding on their permanent residency.

Migration has become a sensitive issue in western countries. More people are flocking to developed countries for economic reasons or for seeking asylum as refugees, political or otherwise. As with all things, there are two sides of this coin. Migration is essential for filling gaps in talent, but it has a huge risk of creating a parallel society. It largely depends on the capabilities of the migrants to inculcate the culture of the host country. Those who are successful have a bright future to look forward to. Others prefer to stay in close proximity of other migrants and create this so called ‘parallel society’. This ugly face of that two sided coin creates friction and poses a threat to the national security of that host country.

Looking to clamp down on this problem, the Australian government is looking at the possibility to follow in the footsteps of western civilizations. The Federal Government is on track to discuss a temporary provisional visa for all immigrants. It is likely to ensure that only those individuals are allowed to stay in who can contribute to Australia’s economy. A deeper analysis reveals that this procedure may allow an informed and stable response towards applications for permanent residency.

However, this measure can make life more difficult for migrants vying to get settled over there. Has tolerance towards migrants taken its toll already? Or is it just getting started? Time will tell, as the Australian Immigration Department explores this probationary policy for immigrants.

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