Indian Govt. Issuing Long-term Visas to 2,500 Afghanis

Posted on: 29 Dec 2017  |   Tags: Australia News , Breaking News , Canada News , Latest News ,

The Indian government recently granted 2,500 long-term visas to Rohingya Muslims and Afghanis. Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home, announced it in the Rajya Sabha on December 27, 2017. He was asked a question regarding the fate of the two minority groups in India. The minister replied that the constitution has a provision to grant Long Term Visa under certain conditions. The government issues regulations about it every once in a while. As per the information he had at that moment, Kiren Rijiju stated that 2145 Afghanistan passport holders and 486 Rohingyas were given the long-term Indian visa. India hasn’t signed the 1951 UN Convention to support refugees, and the country is actively involved in helping them, despite its own population explosion. India hasn’t signed the 1967 Protocol either. This protocol needs you maintain a track of how these refugees are dealt with and treated. Protection of these refugees is a major concern because most people don’t accept them easily. However, India has regularly maintained a track record and also protects their human rights. Get to know the Long Term Indian Visa This overly used Long Term Indian Visa has a tenure of five years. This visa is only valid for those who have lived in India earlier or had parents or grandparents of Indian origin. It is not valid for those who had grandparents or parents from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Afghanistan, or Bangladesh. During this time, they can work and are free to move within the country. These individuals can also buy a home or a shop to run a small business to support them. They are also allowed to buy a car. However, most of the people who come on this visa stay over their legal period. It is one of the major reasons why India’s population is growing exponentially.

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