Australia Launch New Work Visa Program to Boost Workforce

The government of Australia is following in the footsteps of the Trump government and promoting its very own “Putting Australians First” campaign. The Aussie government abolished its 457 work visa that lets foreign high skilled workers work in the country for four years and made way for smaller duration visas. This move came despite Australia facing a pilot shortage. Walking on the steps of America’s President Donald Trump, the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, abolished the 457 work visa to limit unskilled or lowly skilled individuals entering the country for work - this is exactly opposite to what Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is aiming at. Every year, around 90,000 workers from around the world come to Australia for work. However, on the brighter side, this won’t affect Indians living there or planning to go to the country for study or work, because all of them come in the highly skilled category. People from neighboring islands and New Zealand are going to be most affected. Around 70 percent of people who went to Australia on the 457 visa are now Australian citizens. The government wants to downsize the number of people coming into the country because many Australians feel that the country is overpopulated already. Get to know about new Temporary Work Visa The Government abolished 457 work visa and in place that they replaced with two types of visas. The first one short-term visa lasts for two years and can renew only once. The second one medium-term visa lasts for four years and can renew only once. However, Australia gives permanent residency permit in three years, so those on the medium term work visa won’t have to renew. Applicants who have 45 years of age or younger will have to give an advanced English proficiency test and also show valid work experience.

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