NZ Govt Changes Minimum Wages to Categorize Skilled Immigrant Labor

NZ Govt Changes Minimum Wages to Categorize Skilled Immigrant Labor

Immigration New Zealand changes salary bars almost every year and has tweaked them a little this time around as well. In 2017, the government sorted workers into low, middle and high skilled workers and this year they gave the exact salary cuts to categorize skilled immigrant labor.

According to the announcement on January 15, 2018, workers who belong to the Level 4 or 5 on ANZSCO and earn lesser than $36.44 per hour are low skilled workers. And irrespective of their level of ANZSCO, anyone earning less than $20.65 per hour is a low skilled worker as well. So how do these change things for low-skilled workers? Firstly, they will go through a lot of checking for extending the work visa for another 12 months. Once that period is over, they won’t be allowed to work in New Zealand for at least three years.

Also, these low skilled immigrant workers will not be allowed to bring their spouse or children in New Zealand. In case, they are already there, and they have to leave the country after the visa holder’s validity is over. Immigration New Zealand is also going to review work documents of people who have hourly salary close to $20.65 per hour.

Questionable move

New Zealand is going through a phase of underemployment and underutilization. There are people who want to work but aren’t qualified enough, making it difficult for companies to find skilled labor. However, according to a study, it was revealed that companies aren’t trying hard enough and there are around 325,000 people who’ve expressed their willingness to working more.

The government has therefore retorted to skilled immigrants for filling up jobs. Most recently, a medical center in New Zealand hired four general practitioners from the US, South Africa, France, and the Netherlands because they couldn’t find any doctor capable for the position in the country.

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