US Academia Decry Restrictions on Chinese Students

US Academia Decry Restrictions on Chinese Students

Amid the US-China trade tension, the US has toughened the visa control for international students from China.

This action, has drawn the response of universities in the US, as well as professors and students. They are concerned, that this recent action by the US government, would discourage students from China, hurt America's intellectual sector, and further affect the relations, between US and China.

Following this development, the Chinese Ministry of Education, has forewarned its students, who might be interested in studying in the US, enlightening them on how risky a project it could be.

According to the Ministry, some of the Chinese students, who already sent in their applications, for a US student visa, have had their applications restricted, after an extended review process. The restrictions include, a reduced visa validity period for Chinese students, and high rate of visa rejections. These restrictions, as the Ministry warned, would affect their study plans in the US.

A lot more of Chinese students, have been met with visa problems, and this has raised the concern, over the possibility of completing their studies in America.

Chinese students going on vacation are taking a huge risk

A PhD student at Columbia University, has complained that his Chinese roommate, who is doing a PhD in physics, can't go home on vacation because, he's afraid that it will take him two to three months, to get a visa to return to school.

American academia, are already concerned, that these visa restrictions, would hurt the country's already robust intellectual environment.

Jon R. Taylor, a professor of Political Science, at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, said the extended waiting period, for Chinese visa applicants, will not encourage Chinese students, to want to study in the US. This, he said, will shift their attention, to universities in Europe, Australia and Canada.

Beyond that, Taylor was concerned, that visiting scholars from China, who do important research, would no longer want to come to the US.

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