The US Seems to Favour US-based Firms for the H-1B Visa

The US Seems to Favour US-based Firms for the H-1B Visa

With a light appraisal, one would everybody is suffering equally due to the high rejection rate of the H-1B visa, but that may not be entirely true when followed with facts and data.

According to the former CFO of Infosys, Mohandas Pai, who is also a start-up investor, the data reveals that the US is targeting service providers.

Statistics from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) lend weight to this claim as it clearly points to the fact that the new policy of the Trump administration to "Buy American, Hire American" is deliberately mitigating H-1B visa petitions from companies like Infosys, Cognizant, Capgemini and Deloitte — all Indian IT firms.

US-based counterparts like Facebook and Amazon have their steady supply of Indian talents from the job market that they bring to the US.

About 70 percent of US visas are issued to Indians

Shivendra Singh, NASSCOM's Vice President who doubles as its Head of Global Trade Development, said that despite the high rejection rate of the visa petitions coming from Indian IT firms, the greater percentage of US visa still goes to Indian applicants. This is about 70% of US visas and attests to the skill set of Indians. According to him, because they have the needed skill set, they are in high demand.

For this reason, Indians are not only sought by Indian companies, but the US and other companies on the globe are interested in their services.

The competitive advantage of Indians is evident in the disparity in the rejection rate of H-1B visa petitions from Indian IT companies and their counterparts based in the US. According to Pai, Indias possess extreme skill in this area. They have such mastery of software engineering and programming that they can do it faster, better, and cheaper than anyone else.

America's major problem lies in their inability to retain such talent. Singh stressed that for a country to succeed, it must have the right policies to attract relevant skill set in large numbers.

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