UK Government Promises Fair Visa Norms for Future Immigration

The present UK government has listed a modern, fair, and global immigration system as part of its policies in the Queen's Speech in Parliament.

UK Government Promises Fair Visa Norms for Future Immigration

Setting the Agenda

It set the agenda, for the government, for the present parliamentary year, and also had 26 bills covering policies on issues like immigration, health, crime, environment and the exit of Britain from the EU. The immigration bill, will end free movement, and also lay the foundation for modern immigration system. It also follows the PM and UK Home Secretary confirming a plan for implementing a system based on Australian-style after the exit of Britain from the EU. The immigration system treats migrants from the European Union and from other countries at par.

The English language skills of an applicant will get a rank according to the proficiency levels and it is getting finalized. There will also be extra points for skilled professionals who select to serve in the Low income regions of the UK so that there is a better use of talent.

Link with the Past

In the EU exit referendum, the issue of migration was central and the UK voted for leaving the EU. Its votaries felt that the UK will be able to implement a fair and skill-based immigration policy without discriminating against the country of origin of aspirants.

As per Mr. Johnson the Speech of the Queen offered the new age of opportunity for the entire country. Johnson hopes to strike a deal with the EU in Brussels this week and the next step is introduction of EU withdrawal agreement bill that ensures its passing in Parliament. The speech indicates a program of uniting the country with optimism, energy, and common sense.

It will be a fine opportunity to set a fresh course, and give a new direction to the country making the life better for the country men.

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