British Travellers Likely to Suffer from a Drawback Post Brexit

British Travellers Likely to Suffer from a Drawback Post Brexit

British holidaymakers have continuously been subjected to the calamity that the Brexit chaos has brought. Experts, on the other hand, are not calming the nerves of citizens of Britain as they have insisted that huge drawbacks await these travelers. They have termed it 'the bumpy road ahead.

By October 1, Brexit will happen as the UK will officially separate from the EU. Surprisingly, no deal has been secured yet in anticipation of the D-day. Ever since in 2016 when the referendum for Brexit was done, the pound sterling had fallen against the euro. Experts also warned of an additional drawback which lies ahead for holidaymakers in the form of visas — especially the ones that British citizens will need to travel to countries in the Schengen zone.

Just recently, the European Parliament confirmed that residents of the UK will not require a visa to travel within the European Union. But then, to travel to non-EU countries, they will require visas.

Matthew Luczynski, the CEO and Co-founder of travala, a booking platform for accommodation, revealed the merits for Brits should Brexit happen with a deal.

Without a deal, the UK will be leaving the EU having no agreed terms or conditions on how things will be run.

According to him, if Brexit happens with a withdrawal agreement, travelers from the UK will be required to apply for the European Travel Information and Authorisation System — ETIAS for short — while visiting the Schengen Zone.

They would be given the same treatment as other travelers coming to the Schengen Zone from the EU's visa exempt countries such as the US and Japan.

This visa system is comparable to America's ESTA program, which is for nationals of America's visa-free countries.

EU travel will be a significant issue

Luczynski went on to add that Brits will experience primary drawbacks at the EU border as entry into the bloc will no longer be guaranteed. This will happen regardless of there being a withdrawal agreement in place by October.

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