Applications for UK's Tech Visa Record a 45% Surge

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Applications for UK's Tech Visa Record a 45% Surge

The demand for UK tech visa shot up by 45% last year. This would be the fifth year of a consecutive increase in visa applications.

Countries like the US and India recorded the highest number of applications in professions like Machine Learning, Software Development, Fintech, and Artificial Intelligence.

Other countries that recorded high number of applicants for the visa include Nigeria, Canada, China, Russia, South Africa, and Australia. The statistics came from Tech Nation, the agency that handles the visa program for the Home Office.

According to Tech Nation, 44 percent of the UK's applications for the "exceptional talent" visa came under the technology sector in the Financial Year of 2018 — 2019.

Margot James, the country's minister for the Digital and Creative Industry, made a statement, pointing out that the increase was a result of the access, that the top global academic institutions in the UK have to funds, and their famous reputation for innovation.

According to her, the UK's priority for a modern industrial strategy includes ensuring that the country has sufficient talents and skills. for the tech sector to continue growing.

The UK to place resourcefulness over nationality

Caroline Nokes, the UK's Minister for Immigration said that the government intended to have a system where people are given visas because of the skills and talents they possess, that will be useful for the country's growth, and not on their nationality.

In 2018 — 2019, the UK got 650 applications for tech visas, as against 450 applications, in the previous year.

Last year, Tech Nation issued 320 tech visas, as against the 200, that are technically granted. This was in consideration to a "contingency pot" of many more places that could be created if, according to Tech Nation, there are changes in the level of incoming exceptional talent.

The Tech Visa was created in 2014, and since then, has had more than 1,650 applicants. Tech Nation has issued more than 900 of these visas since then.

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