Post-Study Work Policies Determine Study Destinations for Overseas Students

Post-Study Work Policies Determine Study Destinations for Overseas Students

When the government of a country opens post-study rights it benefits the students, as well as the economy of the host country. This will further drive the progress and growth of international economy and facilitate a vibrant world that is more connected, and offers unlimited possibilities.

Students Serve as an Important Source of Immigration

Students, deciding to study abroad, look to enhancing career prospects; and when there is a provision of work in the country right after completing the course there is an enhancement of the career plan.

They also put a better insight in applying the course study when they work in that country. This enriches their professional experience, widens their perspective and empowers them to work in an active set up.

Many students working in their host country become brilliant professionals, launch their ventures, create additional job opportunities and also settle there. A door is opened to make success stories.

Furthermore in the entire world students can choose any country but they opt for those countries which have a favorable work policy post-studies. Generally, they opt for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Changing Policies in the UK 

The UK is a popular study destination subsequent to the government restoring the work visa policy of two-year post-study. This opens various opportunities for overseas students, who can switch to the skilled work visa on finding a job after they complete their studies.

Earlier in 2012, the post-study work visa was scrapped, which discouraged students to apply for admission in the UK universities. Despite having London as the world capital to pursue higher education and the presence of world-class education, there were low arrivals in UK among the overseas students.

Presently it is welcoming students with professional opportunities following the study; Indian students can actively consider the UK to be the preferred destination for study. The benefits will come to realization from 2020-2021, and it will be a separate visa. They must fill a new form for application, which includes immigration health surcharge and the visa fee.

New Zealand: Offers Employment Opportunities to Overseas Students

New Zealand has eight universities that have a top ranking in the world, and offers quality education and a fine learning environment. It is popular with students, of South Asian region owing to the liberal visa policies, post work. Students can work for any employer and have no restrictions on the job or location after completing the course. The visa is extendable for three years. Its educational programs are based on the British model of education system.

Many countries including the UK have realized the huge economic benefits of student mobility. There is high revenue owing to the tuition fees, combined with an increase in spending and high value addition through the international talent for various corporations.

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