Visa Facilitation Agreement to Be Signed Between EU-Belarus by Feb 2020

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Visa Facilitation Agreement to Be Signed Between EU-Belarus by Feb 2020

A visa facilitation deal may be signed within Belarus and the EU by Feb 2020. The Andrea Wiktorin, head of the EU Delegation to Belarus, told so recently, stating that a specific commission, which will finish its work by Nov 2019, is evaluating the case of Belarus.

Though she did not provide a particular date, she said that the deadline for attaining such an agreement is 2 Feb 2020.

She said we are going to sign a deal on visa facilitation and cannot say the particular date, but all the papers have already been prepared, and both sides are moving legal procedures, Andrea Wiktorin told.

More Information About Visa Facilitation Deal

The government of Belarus has been in a constant attempt to convince the EU to begin the evaluation procedures for a visa facilitation deal with Belarus for years now. Wiktorin had before said, in 2018 October that the EU and Belarus might sign the visa facilitation agreement by the close of 2018.

Though her forecasts were incorrect, Wiktorin thinks that this time an agreement will be attained within the given deadline, due to advanced connections between the European Union and Belarus.

Much has been gained in relations within the European Union and Belarus. For instance, a coordinating group set up, which meets semi-annually to address various matters related to trade, human rights, customs matters, economic development. It is essential that experts address these problems in close collaboration, she said.

If Belarus signs on visa facilitation deal with the EU, then Belarus passport holders intending to travel to the Schengen area will have to pay a visa fee of 35 Euros instead of 60 Euros as it is now. After the rise of Schengen visa fees, they need to pay 40 Euros.

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